Brand New Species Discovered in New York City

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We hear about new species of animals and bugs discovered in far flung parts of the globe all the time. Yawn. But this newfound froggy was spotted amidst the concrete and taxi cabs of Staten Island.

The New York Times reports:

On a foray into the wilds of Staten Island in 2009, Jeremy A. Feinberg, a doctoral candidate in ecology and evolution at Rutgers University, heard something strange as he listened for the distinctive mating call of the southern leopard frog - usually a repetitive chuckle. But this was a single cluck.


Being incredibly responsible and diligent scientists, Feinberg and his colleagues studied the froggie for THREE YEARS, and now they're finally ready to declare that yes indeed, this is a new species of leopard frog, which they've yet to name. Don't hold your breath—that's liable to take another three years. But to speed up the process, you can suggest a name at here! Which, based on what I've heard about Staten Island, should probably be "Fist Pump." [Molecular Phylogenics and Evolution via The New York Times]

Image: Brian Curry

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John Crane

Guess they will have name it an endangered species and evacuate Staten Island.

Actually, I lived on Staten Island for a year while working on Wall St. It was a very nice area and reminded me of the rest of the country. But then they started bulldozing down the woods and putting up all those Archie Bunker type row houses.

This was back in 1973. At the time, these houses cost $76,000 and were usually duplexes. Our landlords rented out the lower level to us to help make their house payments. And, even at those low prices, they had to borrow from their parents to make the down payment.

They were from Brooklyn. We were from the West, but we might as well have come from different planets. We didn't understand them, and they didn't understand us. They came over from Brooklyn after they opened the "Guinea Plank" []

After that stint, we moved to Dallas, saved up the $1200 down payment and bought an 1800 sq ft house in the suburbs for $24,000. We didn't need to rent out any rooms, nor get help from any relatives.