Brie Larson Talks About Rising Up as Captain Marvel in a New Featurette

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The galaxy’s mightiest hero is finally coming to the big screen, thanks to a woman who knows what it takes to bring Captain Marvel to life.

In a new featurette, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson—along with co-director Anna Boden and co-star Samuel L. Jackson—shared their feelings on Larson tackling the role of Carol Danvers, the Air Force officer-turned-Kree warrior who emerges as the beloved Captain Marvel.


“It’s very surreal to get suited up, as gloves are getting put on and things are getting zipped up behind me. And the idea of that star and these colors, it represents strong will. It makes me emotional,” Larson said. “She is the most dynamic character that I have ever had the chance to play.”

We’re already well familiar with Larson’s dedication to playing Carol Danvers the way she’s meant to be portrayed—including undergoing rigorous physical training to the point where she can lift hundreds of pounds. But it’s awesome to hear her rave about taking on such a dynamic role in Marvel’s first female-led solo superhero movie. Though it’s not nearly as much raving as I’ve been doing about that Captain Marvel website. The ‘90s are calling me home, and by god, I am ready to answer that pager.


Captain Marvel arrives in theaters on March 8.

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