Bring a Change of Underwear When You Ride a Slip 'N Slide Off the Edge of a Cliff

GIF: YouTube

When you’re eight years old, barreling down a Slip ‘N Slide is terrifying, even in the comfort of your own backyard. To get a similar thrill when you’re older requires bigger risks, but you’ll never convince me to ride this Slip ‘N Slide perched at the edge of a towering cliff.


Watching the first-person GoPro footage of this stunt is enough to stop my heart, but rest assured these daredevils aren’t taking their last slide. They’re each wearing a parachute, and have extensive experience making base jumps. In other words, do not try this at home—or at your local neighborhood cliff.


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Guys, do an article on the fact that GoPro stole this footage from another YouTuber without permission and the fact that it was sponsored by Suburu as well. The entire comment section is blowing up about it. Here is the original Devinsupertramp video -