Not laser beams, but close. The Telegraph is reporting that German Shepherds are being trained by the elite British SAS to perform high-altitude high-opening (HAHO) parachute jumps over Iraq and Afghanistan harnessed to soldiers. Once on the ground, the dogs will charge ahead, rooting out dug-in enemies and sending back a live video feed from a tiny head-mounted camera. That is if their little doggie minds haven't been blown by the 25,000-foot jump they just performed.

Click to viewDogs have been performing parachute jumps in the name of military service since WW2, but never from such a great altitude, where oxygen deprivation and pressure changes can become an issue. Presumably, the dogs will be fitted with an oxygen mask in addition to their head-mounted camera, which will probably account for some pretty bad-ass looking head gear. [Telegraph via Geekologie]


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