Buy an iPad at Best Buy, Get a Free Mi-Fi

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If you buy a new iPad from Best Buy, you'll get the chance to walk away with a free Mi-Fi from Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T (with new 2-year contract). A decent deal if you know you'll need the bandwidth.

9to5Mac discovered the deal, which seems nice if you were planning on going the Mi-Fi route to begin with. If you weren't, and just got excited at the prospect of FREE FREE FREE, you might be bummed out in two years that you paid a few hundred dollars extra for internet you didn't need. But I digress.

The offer includes Mi-Fis from Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, the last of whom is offering their snappy WiMax-capable Overdrive device, and it's running now 'til January 2. [9to5Mac]