Cable Snaps on 60 MPH Amusement Park Ride

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This is the Skyhawk, a 10-story tall "Screamin' Swing" ride that flings its passengers round and round at up to 60 mph. It's the tallest of its kind, bringing its 40 passengers as high as 125 feet off the ground at the apex of a swing. It's scary enough on a normal day. Last night, one of its cables snapped.


Ohio's Cedar Point amusement park has closed Skyhawk indefinitely following yesterday's incident, reports the AP, and for good reason. When the cable connecting one of the rider carriages broke off, it hit two passengers and broke the fence directly in front of the ride. Both injured parties appear to be okay now, though one was hospitalized following the incident. According to an eyewitness account on

Kevin Gregg, who was near the ride but not on it when the accident occurred, said at least one of the injured guests was a spectator who was hit in the mouth with wood debris.

"It didn't look too serious, but he was in pain," said Gregg, of Barnegat, N.J., who runs an amusement park fan website called

Gregg said he saw a second guest, a girl, get into an ambulance after the accident. "She walked on her own power," he said.


It's unclear if and when Skyhawk will open again. In the meantime, it's a strange day when the world's tallest waterslide feels like a safer bet than a big dumb swing. [AP;]

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This is why you should stick to the Top Thrill Dragster, kiddies!

Skyhawk is a fantastic ride, actually - it would be a shame to lose it. Very glad to hear the two injured parties are okay.