Captain America and Iron Man's Civil War Teams Revealed

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While there’s been many rumors circulating about just who is fighting who in the next Captain America movie—but newly emerged promotional art has given our first look at just who is standing with Captain America or Iron Man in Marvel’s impending superheroic dustup. There’s even a surprising face or two... spoilers ahead!

The art was discovered by YouTuber MrSundayMovies—including the above, high-res shot of Captain America and Iron Man about to go toe-to-toe, revealing each hero’s updated outfits for the film. Iron Man is looking very similar to the Bleeding Edge version from the comics. But the interesting art is what’s below, revealing the main teams the heroes will split into following whatever event brings about the Marvel Cinematic Universe equivalent of the Superhero Registration Act from the comics. First up is Iron Man’s “Pro-registration” side:


War Machine, Iron Man, Black Panther, The Vision, and surprisingly Black Widow, who stayed at Cap’s side at the end of Age of Ultron to make the New Avengers alongside The Vision and War Machine. Looks like the good Captain is losing a few of his closest pals.

Joining Captain America:

There’s a few surprises here. Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier is not one, and neither is the Falcon—but Falcon’s birdlike robot, an homage to Redwing in the comics, certainly is! They’re joined by Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner recently confirmed that Clint had sided with Captain America) in a swanky new get up and Ant-Man, perched on his shoulder... as well as Sharon Carter, Peggy’s descendant and former SHIELD Agent. We knew she was going to be in the movie, but not in such a prominent role.

Finally, there’s even a great bit of art of each side about to face off:


This is looking pretty damn great so far. But where’s the webslinger we’re all waiting for? Even with this new information, there’s a lot more we’ve got left to discover about this movie—and hopefully that includes some tasty new footage like that shown at D23 recently.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 2016.