Captain America wields Mjolnir on The Avengers plus Jake & Finn save hostages on Adventure Time

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We finally find out where Captain America has been hiding during this season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Also this week, Gravity Falls begins its regular season run, Beck loses his identity on Tron: Uprising, and Iron Man: Armored Adventures hits its stride with a great Hulk appearance.

As always, minor spoilers ahead!

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes – "Prisoner of War"

We finally see Captain America in the Skrull prison, the place the "real" Cap has spent most of this season.


This clip features a grizzled, bearded Captain America that refuses to give into his Skrull captors take on a version of the Avengers in the process.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures – "Rage of the Hulk"

Bruce Banner needs help (Is he the neediest character in the Marvel Universe?), so he seeks out Howard and Tony Stark for aid.


General Thunderbolt shows up at the wrong time (as always) and brings out Banner's Hulk persona, leaving Iron Man to subdue him. War Machine, Hulk, and Iron Man (in Hulkbuster armor!) square off in this clip.

Tron: Uprising – "Identity"

Beck forgets a bit about himself after he loses his Identity Disc.

Tron and Beck set off to find the disc before Beck's secrets fall into the wrong hands in this clip, but meet some aggressive programs along the way.


Adventure Time – "Princess Cookie"

There's a hostage crisis in the Candy Kingdom?

Finn and Jake fill in for the Samuel L. Jackson role from The Negotiator when a giant cookie armed with a bat takes several denizens of the Candy Kingdom hostage. The secret phrase is "Alvin's Hot Juicebox."


Regular Show – "Out of Commission"

The park is in the black this year, so Benson decides to spend the money on a jazzy new German golf cart.


Mordecai and Rigby love the old cart, and during the episode find out that the cart is alive and wishes to be retired in style.

Gravity Falls – "The Legend of the Gobblewonker/Headhunters"

In the first episode to air this week, "The Legend of the Gobblewonker", Dipper and Mabel talk Soos into an adventure to prove the existence of a local sea serpent.


A second episode, "Headhunters", airs Saturday morning, featuring Larry King in a guest voice spot as a wax museum aficionado.

Dan Vs. – "Wild West Town"

"Wild West Town" aired last week, ending Dan Vs.' second season. Dan and Chris take a vacation to a pretty awful dude ranch - when Dan wants a refund, he finds reversing the transaction to be more difficult than normal.


Season 3 is in the works, so Dan will be back and ranting soon.

Ultimate Spider-Man – "Me Time"

Spider-man faces off against Avengers C-team villain Whirlwind in this clip while riding a Spider-Man themed motorcycle.


Where does Peter Parker get the money to buy these toys? When will we see Spider-Man join the Great Lakes Avengers?

Top image courtesy of Disney XD. Adventure Time and Regular Show air Monday nights on the Cartoon Network. Dan Vs. air Saturdays on The Hub. Iron Man: Armored Adventures airs Wednesday nights on Nicktoons. Tron: Uprising airs Thursday nights on Disney XD while Ultimate Spider-man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes air Sunday mornings on the same channel.