Carrying This Luminescent Messenger Bag Is Like Having a Firefly's Butt

Illustration for article titled Carrying This Luminescent Messenger Bag Is Like Having a Fireflys Butt

Fireflies think they're soooo cool with their glowing butts. Well screw them. You too can finally have a bright behind with Rickshaw Bagworks' latest creation—the Zero Messenger that's wrapped entirely in "Ultra-Glo" reflective material.


As you can see in the video below, even the slightest flash of light is enough to illuminate the entire bag like the harvest moon. It's like having a giant cat cornea slung over your shoulder. Even better, the waterproof lining will keep your 13-inch laptop dry, and your rear-end shining well into the winter season—well after those wussy fireflies have called it quits. Ostensibly, all this glowing material is meant to keep you safe when biking in the dark, but you may also have to worry about an even greater threat: giant-mason-jar-totin' toddlers. [Rickshaw]

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I thought it would actually light up, not just reflect light especially for $120.