Chair Burns Calories For You (Through Torture)

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The Hobart I-Cool seat concept has your best interests at heart. It wants you to lose weight but knows that you shouldn't have to leave your chair to do so. Using a "proprietary" system for "temperature regulation," users are said to shed pounds while just sitting there in a fashionable "micro environment." But to us, the seat eerily resembles a George Foreman Grill.Despite its obvious name, we're not certain whether the I-Cool makes you shiver, sweat or both to increase sedentary calorie burning rates, but we do know that office warfare already leads to many a rogue thermostat lacking proper regulation. In other words, it's tough to imagine that this chair, however cool it may look, will make you any more able to down McMuffins all day without packing on the poundage. But a man can dream, can't he? [Padwa Designs via Core77]