Charlie Brown Will Still Miss that Place Kick in the CGI Peanuts Movie

Perhaps eventually all your childhood favorites will come back CGI'd, and that's okay! At least as far as the upcoming Peanuts movie is concerned. Because as you can see in the latest trailer for the November 2015 movie, the look is a little different, but Charlie Brown's probably still gonna wuff a punt, and adults are gonna talk like garbled trumpets.

This is the second trailer we've seen for the Peanuts movie, which lands in theaters all the way in November 2015, in CGI and 3D. Sometimes we're a little turned off by 3D, but if Linus is still carting his blanket everywhere, and Lucy is going to hand out advice she is in no position of giving, and Linus is going to tickle the ivory and ignore the advances of other third grade girls, then all will still be right in the world. Which is to say, this is an update we're not dreading, because it seems like the same Peanuts as its always been since the comic book days of the 50s, just with some 2015 updates. [h/t Ain't It Cool]


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