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Charlie Cox Thinks It's Fine If He's Not Daredevil Again

The former Marvel Netflix actor seems to want to move on.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Charlie Cox as Daredevil, wearing the costume, sans mask and looking at a character offscreen.
Image: Netflix/Marvel

Charlie Cox became known to most audiences when he suited up as Daredevil for Netflix and did a pretty dang good job at it. Since the show was cancelled in 2018, fans have been demanding it and most of the other Netflix Marvel shows (sorry, Iron Fist) return, and some have even convinced themselves he’s showing up in upcoming projects. Rumors about him showing up in Spider-Man: No Way Home (based on some very flimsy logic), the upcoming Echo show, and who knows what else pop up very frequently, and Cox has graciously evaded or shot them down each time he’s asked. That’s probably been at least 10 times now, but whatever number we’re on, he’s now trying to get people to move on.

During a recent SiriusXM interview, Cox acknowledged that while he’d be down for a return, it would also be just fine if the character was recast and rebooted for the MCU proper. He compared it to the way comics frequently rotate creative teams: “What happens in the comics is a writer and an artist will team up for a run of a comic, so they’ll do 10 issues, 20 issues.” Whatever a new Daredevil looks like, he thinks it’d be another iteration of the character’s core concept of a blind lawyer fighting crime. Some things could stay the same as the original show, but if rebooted entirely, things would be completely different.

Either way, Cox is cool with it, and wouldn’t be too sad if he never returned to the role. “We still have three great seasons of television,” he reminded, “and we haven’t ruined it!” More seriously, he advised caution to the fans. “You don’t want to taint what you’ve already got...You come back and it’s not as good or it doesn’t quite work or it’s too much time has passed. It doesn’t quite come together in the same way.”


While this won’t stop hopes and rumors completely, Cox has a valid point: there’s no hard recipe for success in bringing back things that were abruptly canceled or didn’t fully get their due. It’s even more risky for superhero projects; sometimes you get nice surprise cameos like in Avengers: Endgame, and other times you get...whatever bringing in various multiverse villains is meant to accomplish for No Way Home. Either way, there are other things to watch if you need to get your Cox fix. Apparently his show Kin on AMC+ is pretty good!

On the eventual chance that there is a new Daredevil, Cox wouldn’t offer any advice to them. “I’d want them to discover it for themselves, in the same way I got the opportunity to do. I hope inhabiting that character gives them as much as it gave me.”


Spider-Man: No Way Home releases in theaters on December 17.

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