Cheat Sheet: Today at CES

Here's what you missed today at CES while some Democracy thing happened in New Hampshire:
•Bill Gates told us how it feels to be the villain and the underdog, as well as what keeps him awake at night in the continuation of our multi-part interview.
•We hear that CES may be leaving Las Vegas.
•Mitsubishi cut us deep with their laser TVs.
•Art Lebedev justified his Maximus Pro Keyboard; WowWee justified its FemiSapien robot.
•Mark groped the biggest remote control at CES 2008.
•Peavey came out with a $2,000 fake guitar and amp kit for Guitar Hero. Nyko showed off some Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars, wireless Wii nunchucks and PS3 rumble replacements. And some dude who looked like Slash played with his belt buckle—which is also a wireless Guitar Hero controller.
•ATI gave us a sneak peek at its graphic card that is faster than a Cray-1 supercompter.
•You know you're gonna click it: 10 Insane Wii Weapons.
•Oh, and Apple crashed the party for the second year in a row with a couple of announcements. We ask: why release new gear when the Macworld Keynote is only a few days away?



wish i was there :(