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Why is Apple Launching New Gear a Week Before Macworld? The Official No-Answer Reads Like a Zen Koan

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to viewI had a briefing with Apple on their new Xserve and Mac Pros that were released today, midweek during CES, a week before Macworld 2008. I had only one question for them, and it had nothing to do with hardware specs. Why release new gear when the Keynote is only a few days away? Their answer won't satisfy your curiosity, but here is the official response:

We're very excited about these new products and we think our customers will be too, so we wanted to kick off 2008 by getting them into our customers' hands as soon as possible. They're both available starting today.

Yeah, I figured I'd get that answer. What does this mean for the Keynote? Are they getting the proc bumps out of the way just to make room for the sexy new designs and devices made from scratch? Only The Steve knows. And whatever the answer, one thing is clear. These releases are only the tip of the iceberg.