Choke Down The Horror Of A Bay-Faced M&M

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M&Ms have been rampaging through our greatest entertainment worlds for years now, with hideous Star Wars and Oz ads. But seeing Michael Bay's face on an M&M and Optimus Prime shilling peanut-butter-and-jelly M&Ms has actually scarred us for life.

Mars' has been forcing its candy-covered cartoon faces into our favorite movies for years, and by Cybertron, I've had enough of it. I already had to withstand years of being force-fed the idea that a green chocolate creature could be sexy and now they've gone and burned this creepy image of M&M Bay into my brain. That chocolate smirk has stubble - stubble! I'm all for sap, and I understand marketing but looking back on the large career of M&M movie tie-ins, I have to say they are truly the worst. Especially the Star Wars ads.

I make my case below with some of the most painful M&M movie ads of all times.

M&M Transformers

M&M Star Wars

M&M Wizard Of Oz

M&Ms Addams Family Commercial

I Blame M&Ms For Shrek