We've seen the Houses Great and Small of Game of Thrones become modern-day companies, but now it's the turn of classic Gen-1 Pokémon to get the slick modern logo treatment by design company Pictogram.

Pictogram designer Sebastiaan de With actually goes a step further than just taking some of the first 151 Pokémon and turning them into modern brands, but actually imagines an alternate Pokémon future in Kanto where Professor Oak champions for the passing of a Civil Rights bill called the 'Pokémon Corporate Personhood Act', which, for some bizarre reason, grants Pokémon the right to start their own businesses and become global Pokémon brands. But weird head-canons aside, the logos themselves are pretty snazzy.

The strength of the first generation Pokémon designs is their relative simplicity - hence the repeated, nostalgia-tinted complaints that later Pokémon become too over complex in comparison - which translates well to minimalist modern design archetypes. Pictorgram's brand logos manage to pick the distinctive aspects of their subjects - the Yellow and brown zig-zag tail of a Pikachu, a Beedrill's giant Drill tail, the distinctive plumage of a Pidgey - and incorporate into each design sensibly, so it feels like a solid element of design moreso than just forced 'because Pokémon'.


You can see a few more Pokémon brands over at Pictogram's website here.

[via Laughing Squid]

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