Collapsible Input Pen Lets You Draw 3D Images On a 2D Surface

Illustration for article titled Collapsible Input Pen Lets You Draw 3D Images On a 2D Surface

It's difficult to create 3D images on a 2D surface because, well, you're missing a whole dimension. Enter Beyond, a collapsible input device that virtually extends the pen into the screen to create the 3D effect.

Beyond was created by the MIT Media Lab and is a pretty genius, glasses-less way to create 3D on a 2D surface. The 3D on 2D surface magic uses the collapsible pen, a tabletop display, an infrared position tracking system to track the pen, and a camera to track the user's face so it can tweak the angle of the 3D effect. The collapsible pen is actually rather simple, with only basic electronics and 2 infrared markers behind the magic.

The idea is that whatever you push in physically with the pen is rendered virtually on the screen, letting you draw all the crazy shapes, objects, and dongs you want. However, as 3D continues its takeover of the world, we're pretty sure tools like Beyond will find better uses than dong drawing. [DesignBoom]



While the idea and prototype are cool and interesting, it just doesn't seem practical yet. It looks uncomfortable. Like trying to draw with a telescopic dildo, or one of those old pens that would vibrate and shake around so it would make squiggly lines out of whatever you draw (hope some of you guys remember what I'm talking about).

If they could figure out how to slim the pen down and make it more like a wacom pen, this would be awesome.