Comcast: No Netflix for You! Come Back, Never!

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Comcast has issued a strongly-worded statement clarifying its position in those discussions Netflix was rumored to be engaging in earlier this week: not us, not our devices, not ever.


In Tuesday's reports, Netflix hinted that at least one provider was willing to trial it by year's end. Comcast would like everybody know that it isn't them. "We have no plans to offer access to Netflix to our customers through our Xfinity TV service, no matter what device," Comcast spokeswoman Alana Davis told FierceCable.

Instead, Comcast is exploring the possibility of allowing access to its On-Demand library through TiVo Premiere DVR's

The provider has also developed its own video subscription service called Steampix. It's designed to compete head to head with Netflix—allowing Xfinity subscribers to access TV series and movies wirelessly and remotely—but includes the conventional bits of flair we've come to expect from cable like an bundled channels. Because who doesn't want to pay through the nose for content they don't watch? [Fierce Cable via BGR]



FYI - Cable companies are threatened by Netflix. It's causing people to cut their cable TV and go to internet only TV and movies, which does 2 things - 1) It causes them to lose revenue from people who have cut their cable, and 2) It causes their bandwidth usage on the internet to increase. HD video uses a buttload of bandwidth; approximately 1 gig of data for every hour of data. I know some people will disagree with me, that's fine. I know that's a rough estimate from what I've seen on my own usage needs.

If you live on Netflix, it's going to go through your bandwidth limits that ISPs are starting to enforce. It's no surprise that Comcast isn't jumping all over the bandwagon to partner with Netflix.