Compiano: Part Computer, Part Piano, All Insane

According to its eBay listing, this $20,000 piano "is not a piano at all" but a fully functioning computer with a hidden 26" Philips LCD TV/monitor and a 6.8 GHz processor. Modded from a 1904 Chickering upright piano, the maker argues that it is not just "the world's most beautiful computer," but "the world's oldest computer" and the "world's highest security computer" as well. The description indicates that Compiano smells of rich mahogany, but we think we smell something else:


Longtime buyer, first-time seller "Compianos" says that the piano he used for the mod is an "upright grand"—I have always considered those two styles to be mutually exclusive. Besides that, we have some doubt as to the 6.8 GHz processor which he says runs Windows XP Media Center Edition with 1GB RAM and a 500 GB hard drive. And there is an air of desperation in his alternative payment suggestion: "I will consider a trade of an automobile + cash." He does, however, make a very reasoned appeal to "wives":

"Afraid you cannot afford it? Think again. Look at all the toys (cars/boats/RVs) your husband owns, pick one (with a clear title) and make me an offer. He'll understand, especially when he sees it. Don't you deserve it?"


The Buy It Now price is 19,998 (which would include shipping); the opening bid (which would not) is $6,998. In any case, he plans to give at least 20% of the sale price to charity. Now, isn't that enough incentive to be "the first owner and the only one in the world who can boast to have one"? [eBay via Gear Diary, Gadget Lab]

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