Having just moved to Cambridge, MA, I set out to explore the new neighbourhood. Main Street was filled with people celebrating the Cambridge Carnival, and this woman in a beautiful orange headdress against a brilliant blue sky.

- Martha Bixby


Morning cup of coffe

My girlfriend had appropriately painted nails for this challenge. So we decided to give it a shot. Camera: Nikon D90 with the 18-105mm f/3.5 kit lens. Settings: Aperture priority mode, f/9, ISO 200, 1/80, 125mm.

- Damir Zekić


Shot at ISO 200 135mm f/8.0 1/6000sec

I went on a short vacation this weekend visiting a friend in Michigan. On the trip we went to the the sand dunes by Silver Lake. Yes, I know sand dunes in the mid west. Crazy. We want on a tour that drives you through the sand dunes, it was pretty awesome! Looks like you're in the desert.

- Kenny Gregory


Photo taken with DROIDX camera (6mb resolution) and edited with photoshop express for Android. I had to plug the phone to desktop to resize for contest.

-Anne Masterson


Fujifilm s100fs — F4.8 — 1/250" — ISO 100 — 74mm

- Mike Case


I recently got my first DSLR and I have been taking loads of pictures and learning a lot about photography. I decided to test out what I have learnt by joining the competition and to see how good my pictures really are. I tried to come up with something original and unique for this challenge and I must say it wasn't easy. Every time I came up with an idea, I ended up comparing it with the egg yolk picture to no avail. Luckily for me, my girlfriend was at hand to help me out with her nice orange hair, and blue nails. I tried to think of a subtle and unique pose and I managed to come up with this picture. The picture was amended in Camera Raw to make it more vibrant.

Nikon D3100, ISO 200, f/3.5, 1/5s, Center Weighted Average, No flash, 18mm.

- David Ogilo


I discovered some nice complementary blue and orange in the burner of my gas stove while cooking pancakes on Saturday morning. Took a few shots of the flames with the lights out, and while the colors were nice, it was pretty boring. I later had a eureka moment and decided to shoot the burner through an old kaleidoscope we have sitting on a bookshelf. I lined up the lens with the peephole on the kaleidoscope (leaving a little space for the autofocus to work) then shot in sequential mode while moving the kaleidoscope around. Had a bunch or really interesting results, but this one had the best complementary colors. Dialed up the saturation and contrast a tiny bit, cropped it slightly, and here it is. Reminds me of the glass ceiling in a Paris department store I once visited but forget the name of. Shot using an Olympus E-PL1 with 17mm f/2.8 pancake, 1/50 exposure, ISO 1600.

- Matt Sweeney


I was excited when I saw this (my first!) Shooting Challenge, as I immediately realised I could combine my two new favourite hobbies: photography and origami. As luck would have it, when the Challenge went up I was in the middle of folding an orange frog (although ultimately not the one in the photo), and I figured I'd shoot it against a suitably blue background. I used a several light sources to get a shadow effect I was happy with, and bumped the contrast a little in post-processing. For those with interest, the model is Kawasaki's frog from his book "Origami Dream World - Flowers and Animals".

Canon EOS 550D, 18-135mm IS lens @ 92mm IS0 400 0EV f/5.6 1/125.

- Nick Hale


I have never entered any of the photo contests before and decided this was a fun and easy one to do. I ran through a million ideas; flowers, fruit, nature, etc. I decided playing around with food coloring and water could be really cool. I got a white t-shirt, my camera equipement and started testing out glasses, jars, bowls anything that could hold water. You name it I tried it. I found that jars worked the best. Then from there it was a matter of turning lights on and off. Extension tubes on or off, plus filters or no plus filters, etc. Then, once the jar, lights settings and camera set-up was picked; it was onto colors. I first tried red and green, but it never worked out well. Always turned brown or looked green and black (not red). Then it was yellow and red. Then yellow and blue. I found that if I placed the yellow in first then dropped the blue in you could see the blue for about a second and then it was green. Albeit, not true "complimentary" colors the green really popped out against the yellow and really caught my eye when I was cropping them down. After, an hour of tests and a white shirt turned into a tie-die shirt I got this photo.

- Tyler Floyd



My complementary colors are: purple/yellow.

Lens 55-200

Normally a rose is a symbol of romantic, love, relationship, or many things like that, in this case I wanna show another way to see the rose, somethings when I take or see a yellow rose/ yellow balloon/or anything yellow, I say to myself "Don't give up hope". Now I say, the future gives us something better and magic everyday, so don't give up hope to wait for that.


- Diana Camilla Gutierrez Perez

Equipments: Canon, EOS Digital Rebel(DS6041) w/ EFS 18-55mm
F/: 21.9
Shutter: 1/39.7s, 1/159.0s, & 1/9.9s
ISO: 200
Focal: 18.0mm


I "borrowed" a traffic cone and looked for blue sky back drop (which
was more difficult than I initially imagined as it had been raining
past few days).

I finally got the shot at a stairway into football stadium bleachers.

It's HDR photo with color accent for blue, orange, and red on GIMP
(red against blue is semi-complimentary, right?)


I returned the traffic cone to where I found it.

- Luke Hong


Hello all,

This is a picture of my dog, Ruby. Like her name suggests, her fur is red... or at least reddish. She just got a new bed after ripping up her last one to pieces and see seems to love it so far. I love how the green looks with her fur- both aren't pure reds and greens. They are more of a natural/earthy tones. I unfortunately don't have photoshop so her eyes are kind of bizarre. She would not sit still long enough to not use the flash.

I used my Sony a330 to capture this shot. ISO 400, F5.6, 1/60


- Elizabeth


Camera - Sony A55
Lens - Sigma 18 - 55 Macro
ISO - 400
F-stop - f/5
Flash - none
Focal Length - 40mm

I took this photo while on vacation last week in Key West FL - amazingly enough NOT for this weeks challenge as I did not have internet access while away. When I got home I read about this challenge and noticed that this particular photo fit the description and decided to throw it in the ring. Since "red" and "green" are opposites, they seem to provide the stark contrast essential to the challenge. Unfortunately there's no funny story to go along with this one, I just hope you all like it.

- Paul Bently


Hi there,

This is my first submission to the weekly shooting challenge. Today was a typically gorgeous late summer Sunday in Denver, and as I set out to do some errands and enjoy the day, colorful scenes and objects were leaping at me from all directions. This challenge really heightened my awareness and appreciation of the simple beauty of color, regardless of subject matter. I typically shoot black & white film, so my mind is much more attuned to composing photos in B&W. Anyway, after taking many shots of various color combinations and subjects, nothing was really speaking to me. Tired and a bit hot, I stopped into one of my favorite spots in Capitol Hill for a refreshment. It was late in the afternoon, and the light reflecting off the buildings across the street was doing a nice job illuminating my iced yerba mate, which happened to have been presented with a Ferrari-red straw. I took a few macro shots and ended up with one I liked enough to spend a bit of time on - I did some minor color correction in Aperture, primarily to amp up the green of the tea, which had the side-effect of brightening a blurry green booze bottle in the background. To me, this shot neatly captured the essence of a laid-back afternoon in the city. Pentax K-r, ISO 400, f/2, 1/15 sec, with an old SMC Pentax 50mm lens.


- Patrick Henry


I had an idea of what I wanted to do for this contest but I couldnt quite find the right color flower. I plucked this little guy from the side of a pond held it directly into the air and shot into the overcasat sky making sure to capture some of the blue. I used the on camera flash to make sure you could still see details in the flower. Canon t2i with the 100mm lens @ f/13, 1/100 sec.

- Drew Eldridge


I've been following the Gizmodo contest just waiting for one that I could have a try at and, when you announced this contest, I knew exactly what my subject would be. I hung a bird feeder on our new arbor in the spring and a squirrel knocked it down spreading birdseed all over our newly landscaped garden. By summer's end, we were rewarded with dozens and dozens of incredible sunflowers all seeming to shout "Hello!" in unison. My husband bought me a Rebel T2i a few months ago and I have been snapping away like a madwoman. I'm a complete newbie at photography and I don't understand ISOs and all that other stuff yet. I took this with the stock lens on the macro setting. No tweaking.

Georgina Lawrence



This is my submission for complementary colors. It was taken in my mother-in-laws beautiful garden.

I took the picture with my husbands T2i and our 50mm macro lens.

ISO 800, f/2.8 and 1/1000

Thank you

- Jennelyn Judt


Canon T2i, 100mm, f/2.8

I spent some time vacationing in Florida this weekend, and was carrying my iPhone with a screenshot of the color wheel as a reference...After one or two pictures in the airport... we grabbed some beers and went to the beach, and I kinda totally forgot about the shooting challenge. Good times!

This morning I asked my parents for suggestions on this challenge before we headed to the airport (I was staying over with them), and my mom had this idea of using yarn and thread to find complementary colors. The idea took a life on its own and we ended up using all of the combinations we had for our own version of the color wheel with thread... Sunday family project! Ended up being a lot of fun.


- Diego Jimenez

Title: "Move Along; Nothing Here For You To See"

Canon EOS Rebel T2i
EF 28mm 1:1.8
1/2,500 sec
ISO 800

This challenge was, by far, one of my favorites. I learned a lot from this exercise. I saved the color wheel from the photo challenge page and kept referencing it on my phone as I walked around lower Manhattan . Due to the ceremonies for 9/11, there were police barricades everywhere. The shot is near a taxi stand where the taxis line up. I also staged several shots with small items because I was able to choose the complementary colors I wanted. In the end, I couldn't argue with capturing something in the wild.


- Yamil Arocho

I have been seeing the Gizmodo contest's submissions for some time now and this week I finally had some free time to experiment and setup my own. I framed some green tsurus (the japanese origami crane) on a reddish-violet background, did some editing on Photoshop and was ready to submit my entry. I am so glad now that I didn't do it then because this weekend I went biking and brought my camera with me to find this amazing sunset at a local park and the colors just clicked. After some experimenting, I came up with this photo which was later post processed on Photoshop for some adjustments. Picture was taken in Sao Paulo, Brazil on a Nikon D3100, stock 18-55mm lenses, 1/320 sec, f/9.


- Guilherme Donega

Last week, I went to my salon to get my hair cut and my stylist told
me she was in a "red" mood, so I went along with it. I'm glad I
trusted her because I think my hair color turned out really great. I
took this picture as part of my 52 weeks project, but got the idea to
utilize complementary colors after reading about this shooting
challenge. It was the first day it wasn't raining here (southern MD)
in a week, so I took advantage of the green outdoors while I could.
Nikon D5100, 50mm, f/1.8, ISO 100


- Courtney Terrell

An afternoon at the beach turned into an incredibly fun treasure hunt for red and green stones to create this nautically inspired picture with red for the port foot and green for the starboard. Neither color really stood out when they were mixed among all the other stones in the surf but when collected and placed side by side, I was amazed. Note to self; clean your tripod at the beach before you put it back in your car.


Canon 7D with EF 24-105 lens, f/9 at 1/1000, ISO 100

- Brian Jones


NIkon D300s, 70-300mm lens with 35mm extension tube and circular polarizer, 1/1600 @ f5.6, ISO 400

I've been struggling with this contest all weekend. I tried a few things on Saturday but they just didn't work out like I'd hoped. As I was lying on the beach Sunday afternoon, I noticed that the colors of my towel were opposites and tried some creative exposures using a telephoto lens and extension tubes. The exposure here is the result.

- Glenn Krumholz


Camera: Canon Power Shot G12
F-Stop: f/4.5
ISO Speed: ISO-80
Focal length: 30mm
Exposure: 1/320sec.

On Saturday afternoon, we were surprised with an unexpected thunder storm. The weather was 80 degrees, sunny, and huge drops of rain started to pour non-stop. It reminded me of the Florida weather I experienced on my trip to South Beach a few years back (very unpredictable). My dogs were outside playing in the rain so I ran to chase them inside the house when I noticed the beautiful huge drops of rain dripping down the flowers of my garden. I thought that would be the perfect time to take a few pictures, not noticing that I had complementary colors (Green and Red) in my shot. I took the picture focusing on the rain drops, but I really like the vivid colors as well. I think the little details on the leaves are also my favorite.

- Karina Suniga


After reading about this week's challenge I was excited to go down the the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival in hopes that something there, be it boat or vendor might make interesting use of complementary colors. After little luck, I sat on a bench next to an old train car. I happened to look behind me and see that the red train car was covered in green mold. I took several pictures and this was my favorite. I tweaked it a bit in Lightroom, as it was a little gray originally. (Canon Rebel T3i, 135mm, f/5.6, ISO 640)

- Jason Pyles


I was hanging out with a friend today and his dad took us for a cruise in his 1972 Ford Bronco that he recently restored. We stopped and took a few pictures during the drive. After I got home, I remembered this weeks challenge and figured the orange Bronco and the blue sky would be a perfect photo of complementary colors to submit! This photo was taken near La Crosse, WI.

The picture is an HDR and was taken at f/22, ISO 100, and 24mm focal length with a Canon EOS 60D.

-Logan Thomas


I bought a red bass guitar with the best intentions of practicing every day. This is about the most action this poor bass has seen in the months I've had it. Complimenting it is my chartreuse chair. Chartreuse is truly the best color ever.

Canon Rebel T1i
50mm 1:1.4
3200 ISO

Thank you and I look forward to seeing the submissions.

- Tina Pierce


Hey there!

This was shot with a Nikon D90, Nikkor 35mm lens, ISO 200, on Saturday AM. I went to grab some coffee and ended up walking all over Somerville taking pictures. These peppers were at our local gourmet grocery spot and looked super fresh!

Thanks for the contest!

- Julian Wood


Good morning,

This was taken with a Nikon D90, Nikkor 35mm lens, ISO 200. This handsome bird has been visiting our bird feeder all summer and yesterday I walked out the door and saw him about 10' from my head, he was not fond of being a model and kept hopping behind leaves; he looked great amongst the green foliage.


- Rachel Smith


I was trying to come up with an interesting take on how to go about this challenge for most of the week. Like Newton before me, inspiration came in the form of an accident. I was pouring myself some Kool-aid when I noticed how deeply red the liquid was and mulled over how best to fit that in to the contest. While distracted, I knocked the glass and it slid down the counter and bumped against the microwave causing the liquid to jump out of the glass. This was the spark I needed. I grabbed my old skateboard that I never use anymore, and superglued some plexiglass to it, then superglued some cheap champagne flutes to the glass. I got out my extra table leaf and filled up the four glasses with water mixed with red food coloring. My original idea was to have a green background to compliment the red water, but the water just looked almost black, and it was a boring shot. Then I decided that since I had four food colors and four flutes I should put all the colors in there. Step one, raise skateboard on slanted leaf (the camera was also slanted to compensate). Step two, let go of skateboard. Step three, realize you pushed the remote trigger to early. Step four, lots of cleanup... and repeat. Luckily I got a good shot on my second attempt and wasn't going to push it for a better.

Canon T3i, 70mm focal length, f/5.0, 1/1000th sec, ISO 800

- Colin McLellan


Camera: Canon XTi
ISO: 100
Exposure: 1/125 s
Lens: I shot the photo with a custom-built, contraption, lens from a Toshiba projector lens. Check it here: http://photostudio.oopsclick.com/gear/toshiba-lens/
Focus: Manual
Aperture: unknown
Setting: Two constant light umbrellas.
Editing: I shot it in raw mode and I used Photoshop to do small color corrections and crop.

I have always wanted to participate in Gizmodo's photo challenges but an excuse was always there. Sometimes something taking my time or lack of ideas of what to post. So this time I decided to go ahead with the first idea. While playing Lego with my daughter I got to realize that Lego has red and green pieces. So, I extracted something that we were building and I shot a photo, a macro photo sort of.

-Italo Osorio


When I saw this challenge, I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot my submission. There's a parking garage in downtown Fort Myers which has large numbers painted on every level of the stairwell. I took pics of every number but the lighting and composition turned out best on the 3rd floor.

Canon 60D
Lens EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Shutter 1/40
Aperture 6.3
ISO 400
Focal Length 28.0mm

- Robert Lundskow



Cons are the most colorful and comfortable shoes I own. Concerts, work, the gym, I wear them everywhere. I recently wore the red ones on a 100 mile bike ride in the 100+ degree heat of Texas. This shot was taken with a Canon T2i, a 50mm prime, 1/60 exposure, ISO-800 at f/8.

- D. Brindley


I wish that I had a fantastic story to tell for this week's challenge
but the truth is, I have been too busy to do the challenge for some time
now. As much as I like photography, if the challenge isn't about taking a
great shot at a kid's sporting event, since my kids are at something most
every day, I'm probably out that week and I don't think that topic has been
covered lately.

This week, however, the challenge was a little more attainable as the
subject matter was right in front of my face, here, on my desk. I simply
rearranged my pencils, set them under my desk lamp and shot them with a
macro lens. For this shot, I used a small flashlight to highlight the tips
of the pencils a little.

Panasonic GH2 1/50 f4 Nikkor 55mm micro iso160

- Tim Hammer


This week I used my fiances orange/red pants / blue shirt as a background as she held a rubik cube. (The stickers are starting to peel off from too much use... solving it of course) I used my tripod mounted Canon Rebel XSi with my 50mm 1.4 lens. I don't have any speed lights so I used a lamp direct at the bottom right hand corner and used the rooms ceiling light.

- Seth Porter


Oh the wonders of propane heat! The pool water is warmer than the air. A neighbor had given us a life ring from the Governor in Woods Hole. The red-orange ring is perfect with the aqua color of the pool reflecting the sky. Unfortunately the pool is not as clean as I would like...

Taken with an Olympus point and shoot with minor color adjustments in post production due to late afternoon shadows (as seen in the upper right from nearby tree cover).

- Zac Wallace


I haven't been up for too much photo taking recently but I'm glad I got this one completed. I am actually pleased with how my shot came out. I was a little hesitant to submit it since it looks a little similar to the lead photo on the challenge page but I went with it anyway. It is a macro shot of an orange tomato from our garden in a blue bowl taken with my kit lens attached to some extension tubes. I think it looks like an alien sun with the little hairs sticking out of the tomato.

Tech info:
Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
Extension tubes
ISO 1250
55 mm

-Matthew Johnson