Conde Nast Thinks You'll Buy Mags as iPhone Apps, $3 a Piece

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People bitching that B&N and Amazon charge $10 for sweet lengthy timeless novels get ready: Conde Nast wants to sell monthly ad-supported magazines, rejiggered for your iPhone, for $3 each, starting with December issue of GQ.

According to AdAge, the "issue" will show every actual page of the print mag, plus have text optimized for iPhone. There will be related videos and audio, and an opportunity for you, the paying customer, to visit advertisers' websites without quitting the app. Aren't you lucky?

Regardless of whether or not you'll bite, Conde believes this is the only logical stepping stone across the stream towards tablets and ebook readers. "If you can get here, you're ready to go there," AdAge quotes President-CEO Charles H. Townsend as saying. Logistically true or not, the statement certainly supports our recent report that the Apple Tablet is going to be the place where magazines and other publications go to redefine themselves. Well, they gotta go somewhere, cuz standing still sure ain't working. [AdAge via Romenesko]


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You know the [] app is really awesome. I don't know that I would pay 3 bucks a month for the content but, certainly worth a few bucks for a year subscription. If they can produce worthwhile content i don't see why this would be an issue.

Seriously, all magazines are ad supported and people still shell out cash for them...or well I guess a depleting number of people, but still. For the longest time no one had any issues with this. #gq