Cops Found a Ridiculous Amount of Drugs Up Some Guy's Butt

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Eighty-four bags of crack. Two hundred-eighteen Oxycodone pills. Eleven grams of weed. If that sounds like enough drugs to fill a small warehouse, you're right. Assuming that warehouse was Alex Boulet's butt.

Vermont state troopers were simply pulling Boulet over for a traffic violation. But during a search, the officer felt something odd in "groin area" of the perp's pants. Is that a secret stash of drugs or are you just happy to see me?

Officers then got a warrant, and took an X-ray of Boulet, which revealed the illegal substance treasure chest concealed in his rectum. After that, they made Boulet take a laxative so he could pass the buttdrugs. It must have been quite a relief because holy crap (pun intended)! That's a hell of a lot of narcotics. [Huffington Post]


Image credit: Kesu/Shutterstock