Could Ghost Rider Turn Up on Agents of SHIELD After All?

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J.K. Simmons talks Justice League. A wrestler is making a guest appearance in Arrow’s next season. Gillian Anderson teases her American Gods role. Plus, new set pictures from The Dark Tower, what’s in store for Lucifer, and tons of new clips from Star Trek Beyond. To me, my Spoilers!

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Transformers: The Last Knight

Santiago Cabrera has joined the film.


John Malkovich has been cast in the movie, about a group of washed up comics artists and former TV starts planning a heist set against the background of a comic book convention. [Coming Soon]

Star Wars Episode VIII

Mark Hamill has confirmed the film wraps later this month.


Justice League

J.K. Simmons tells Entertainment Weekly about his “badass” take on Commissioner Gordon.

People of my generation remember Commissioner Gordon as this jolly, ineffectual Santa Claus type, and I think over the years in the comics there’s definitely much more of a badass side to him. One of the things that’s interesting to me is investigating hopefully a little bit more of that badass [side] … You’re living in a universe where it’s pretty tough to be a badass compared to somebody like Batman, but in the universe of non-superheroes I like the idea of Commissioner Gordon as a guy that can take care of himself, a guy that’s a real partner to Batman, not just a guy that turns on the bat signal and goes, ‘Help! Help, Batman!’


Pete’s Dragon

Here’s a new TV spot.

The Dark Tower

More set pictures of Idris Elba as Roland have hit the web.


Star Trek Beyond

A bunch of new, very short character-focused spots have been released.

Agents of SHIELD

A couple of weeks ago, wild speculation emerged that anti-hero Ghost Rider would be joining the show—with the sole evidence being art displayed of a fiery linked chain on the side of a San Diego tram. While that “evidence” is still far more likely to be a reference to the show’s recently introduced Inhuman Hellfire (who also, like Ghost Rider, uses a fiery chain), new information recently revealed might offer a far more substantial hint at the Rider’s presence in the series.


TV Line recently reported that the show is looking to cast a pair of Latino brothers in season four, one described as “the most dangerous person in the room,” the other “paralyzed in a wheelchair.” While those descriptions don’t fit the origins of the most well known Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, they do fall more in line with Robbie Reyes, an incarnation of Ghost Rider first introduced in the comics in 2014, who had a disabled brother named Gabriel. This is still all speculation for now, but it’s a bit more solid than a chain on the side of a tram.



Cody Rhodes, better known as his wrestling persona Stardust, will guest star in season five. Rhodes and Stephen Amell have developed a rivalry in the ring over the past few years outside of the show, so there’s probably a good chance they’ll fight each other in his appearance. [Coming Soon]


Stephen Amell tells fans at the Heroes & Villains FanFest that the next season will refocus the show’s core.

The villain that we are introducing is a direct result of things that Oliver has done in Star City [and] calls back to a lot of things that happened in the first season of the show. In doing so, It really grounds the show and really focuses on its core value, which is the battle to save Star City.


[TV Line]


Simon Kinberg hypes up Noah Hawley’s involvement on the show and its tone in this interview with Moviefone:

Noah [Hawley] is a genius — he wrote and created and directed the pilot to ‘Legion’ — and it is a very different sensibility than anything we’ve done with the ‘X-Men’ movies. Almost, I would say, as radically different as ‘Deadpool’ was from the mainline ‘X-Men’ movies.


American Gods

Gillian Anderson has released a teasing picture of her character, Media, on Twitter.



The first episode of season two is titled “The Adventures of Supergirl”.



Finally, DC All Access has released a new video teasing the show’s second season.

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Is that Anderson as Media as Lucy?

That Supergirl episode title is likely a reference to the Dean Cain Superman show.

Santiago Carbrera is probably familiar to us as Isaac on Heroes and Lancelot on Merlin. He’s not the only new Transformers 5 announcement: