Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Zoe Saldana has shared a few photos of her getting back into prosthetics and makeup for Gamora to begin filming on the movie:



Patton Oswalt has joined the revival of the series as TV’s Son of TV’s Frank, the child of original MST3K henchman, TV’s Frank. [Paste]



Executive Producer Greg Berlanti teases the emotional core of the show’s crossover with The Flash:

What’s been really exciting about the show this year has been dramatizing [Oliver and Felicity’s] relationship, and how that’s informed his journey and her journey. Like any relationship, there’s going to be ups and downs and surprises and pitfalls, and they have some real challenges going into the break. but that’s probably all I should say without getting in trouble with my cohorts!


[TV Line]


The show has been picked up for an additional 7 episodes, giving Supergirl a full season order of 20.


Meanwhile, Greg Berlanti threw water on the recent rumor that the show would crossover with The Flash in May Sweeps:

Only because we just received the pickup, but not at this point.


The Flash

Teddy Sears dodges a question as to whether or not the Justice Society—the Earth-2 incarnation of the Justice League—will appear on the show:

A… Justice Society? By all accounts, probably, but it hasn’t been told to me. It hasn’t been fleshed out. This is what’s fun. There’s a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of places that we could go. Earth-Two is just one of 52 earths. I know we’re just in Season Two, but we really can come and go in all sorts of great directions. They just don’t tell me anything! I’m just happy to be here.


[Ksite TV]

Carter Hall reveals the origins of Hawkman and Hawkgirl to Kendra in a new clip from “Legends of Today”.

Star Wars Rebels

Good news the show has been renewed for a third season. [/Film]

The Inquisitors go on the hunt in a new clip from “The Future of the Force”.

Agent Carter

Peggy discovers a practical use for a garter in a new promo.

The X Files

Entertainment Weekly has a unveiled a new poster for the series.


Agents of SHIELD

Finally, Simmons and Fitz butt heads over what to do about Will in a new clip from “Closure”.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Captain America: Civil War.