Could Kiss of the Damned save vampires from Hollywood overexposure?

Admit it, the vampire genre is broken. True Blood swapped sex and blood for vampire politics, Twilight softened our monsters into moody fathers, and the rest is just annoying vampire comedy. Seems like the only sex monsters with fangs lately are on Vampire Diaries. But perhaps Xan Cassavetes' new vampire movie Kiss of the Damned can savethese monsters.


The trailer certainly channels vamp classic like The Hunger, and we like any sort of high-end immortal society that doesn't spend its time in front of a boardroom for an entire season. Plus Milo Ventimiglia is always nice to look at. Fingers crossed Kiss of the Damned could be the cold, bloody sex these supernaturals desperately need. Check out this long clip and trailer now.

Kiss of the Damned hits theaters on May 3rd.




Got to say though, this looks like another sexy vampires flick with a healthy dose of murder and intrigue. Vampires haven't been monsters/creepy creatures of the night since Bram Stokers Dracula.