Despite being called wallpaper, there’s no reason you can’t use these lovely retro video game wraps to cover every last inch of space in your home. In addition to walls, they’d look just as fetching on your floors, ceilings, and even as a stylish alternative to aluminum siding outside.

Available in nine different color schemes, the wallpaper features patterns of various controllers and handheld consoles from the past 30 years of gaming. Everything from the Atari to the Game Boy appears to be represented. The only thing missing might be the original Xbox’s controller, but that would never fit on a wall anyways.


The wallpaper can be ordered to exact measurements, and 25 square feet will cost you about $95. So if you live in a tiny New York apartment, that seems rather reasonable. But if you live in a monstrous McMansion, you’ll be breaking your renovation budget after redecorating the first of your 17 bedrooms. [Murals Wallpaper via Nerd Approved via Incredible Things]

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