"Aviation history in the making," says the YouTube description. I don't know about that, but it's pretty crazy to watch this Ethiopian Airlines' Boeing 767-300ER taking off in a shockingly short distance at Arusha Airport, in Tanzania. That runway is only 5,351 feet (1,631 meters) long.

Keep in mind that a fully loaded 767-300ER requires about 2,713 meters (8900 feet) to take off, although that varies depending on the runway elevation. But looking at Boeing's tables and knowing that Arusha is at an elevation of 4,551 feet (1,387 meters), it seems about right.


Of course, this takeoff is not a miracle. Physics are physics and flight manuals are flight manuals: such configuration and such environmental conditions for such takeoff distance. But still, it's a risky takeoff and a pleasure to watch—especially considering that the YouTube author claims that it came after an emergency landing.

Another angle spotted by althalus2k:

Thanks @Kevo_jr for the heads up.

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