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Cupcake-Filled Sausages Are Beyond Gross

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Gizmodo salutes culinary daring—the egg waffle is still one of the great breakthroughs of our time. But pizza in a jar? Not pizza. And meat sausages filled instead with chocolate and grilled crispy? Disgusting.


We'll hand it to Stef over at The Cupcake Project—the "cupcakewurst" idea is a brave one. But after walking through her simple recipe of sausage casing-filled with batter, cooked, and shoved into a perversion of the hot dog, it's hard to stay hungry. At the risk of sounding juvenile, the filling process looks like pooping into a used condom. But that aside, conceptually, sausage and chocolate ought not to mix. Pressing sweet sludge into the stomach casing of an animal can't be passed off as anything less than what it is: a food horror. Would you cook eel cookies? You would? Well, you're sick too. Make these choco-doggies if you dare. [Cupcake Project via FoodBeast]