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What's the Most Cursed Fact From Your Fandom You Love Inflicting on Others?

The thing about loving something so much is that sometimes that love is declared by inflicting the most bananas facts you can force on your unassuming friends.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Two members of the Star Wars Cantina Band play their instruments.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Fandom can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be enduring through franchises that have lasted for so long, and done so many things in so many mediums, that sometimes just the most unhinged story, character, or factoid about it is all you can think about.

There’s entire social media accounts dedicated to chronicling the most absurd part of huge fandoms like Star Wars or Sonic, or sometimes something hits the zeitgeist just right and drives the internet to viral insanity. Did you know that the Minions, genetically predisposed to serve the most evil person they can find, were explicitly frozen in a cave for 150 years to avoid the awkwardness that that fact leads to “well the Minions would’ve served Hitler”? Reader, I’ve watched about five minutes of those movies and yet, that’s just seared into my mind.

But doing psychic damage to yourself is one thing in the name of perpetually online curiosity. Sometimes, you just want to inflict what was put upon yourself to others. Case in point, today, while celebrating an extremely idiotic decision to buy a large amount of Star Wars Cantina Band action figures, I had the distinct pleasure of introducing io9 writer Linda Codega to the genre of Jizz:

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Screenshot: io9/Gizmodo

Every time someone learns that jazz in the Star Wars galaxy is much, much lewder sounding than it should be, my heart is filled with joy. For them, to go on this journey of discovery, for me, to celebrate that this thing I love is often incredibly, incredibly stupid. But also: sometimes it’s just fun to share that psychic load holding such ridiculous facts in your head can do. So what’s your favorite tidbit from your fandom of choice that you love to spring on people? Let us know in the comments.

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