Dalsa Develops 111-Megapixel CCD

Illustration for article titled Dalsa Develops 111-Megapixel CCD

Dalsa Semiconductor has manufactured a CCD that can record 111 megapixels of data—that's a 10560x10560-pixel frame, needing a gargantuan 425MB of storage space for just one picture. The CDD itself is huge—four inches square.


Dalsa is one of the pioneers of digital cinema cameras, where its 4K Dalsa Origin (pictured here) was the first ultra-high-def video camera to begin challenging the primacy of 35mm motion picture film in 2003. But this latest 111-megapixel CCD won't be used for digital film production, at least not yet. In fact, it's not even the biggest image sensor in the world. That honor goes to Fermilab's 500-megapixel Dark Energy Camera. Wonder what they'll be taking pictures of with these unwieldy imaging devices? If the Dark Energy Camera is any indication: galaxies far, far away.

Want ultra-high resolution pics? Get the 111 megapixel CCD from Dalsa [MobileMagazine]