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Darkest NASA Secret Revealed: How to Poop In Space Tutorial

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's an exclusive video from NASA, which reveals the darkest secret of the space program, one that involves docking and alignment: How do you poop in space? Truly fascinating, but some of the comments in the movie shrivel my testes.

"Alignment is important. If they are not sure of the alignment, you turn on the camera [inside of the toilet]"

"And you can sit down in that thing and look over here and check your alignment"

"We don't want men to dock to the funnel"

"Male funnels don't have any venting"

"Do you guys use the hand restrains at all?"

"I think of Peter Fonda in Easy Rider riding his chopper"

"That's the benefit of the mirrors. If you are not sure something is attached to you, you can check the mirror"


Click to viewAnd, on that last note, I will leave you to your thoughts. Enjoy.