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DC Is Working on a Huge Number of New Young Adult and Kid Books

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Teen Titans, the original DC YA property.
Teen Titans, the original DC YA property.
Image: Warner Bros/Cartoon Network

DC recently announced that they were consolidating all of their imprints, cancelling a wide variety of separate lines, including the DC Ink and DC Zoom lines aimed at younger readers. In the aftermath of that news, it would be easy to worry about the future of DC’s books for non-adult audiences, but it turns out they have that covered.

As reported by Comic Book Resources, DC has, in fact, announced a huge lineup of graphic novels aimed at those precise audiences, a release slate of over 25 graphic novels for young adult and middle grade readers from an impressive array of writers and artists. Announced at the American Library Association’s yearly convention this weekend, these books span a variety of DC properties and characters, and if the books from Zoom and Ink are any indication, will likely be experimental and creative in the way they play with genre and style to tell these stories for new audiences.

First, here are the Young Adult titles, with their announced creative teams:

Catwoman: Soulstealer – Adapted by Louise Simonson from Sarah J. Maas’ DC Icon novel and illustrated by Samantha Dodge

Galaxy: The Prettiest Star – Written by Jadzia Axelrod and illustrated by Cait Zellers

House of El Book 1 – Written by Claudia Gray and illustrated by Eric Zawadzki

I Am Not Starfire —Written by Mariko Tamaki

Mister Miracle – Written by Varian Johnson

Nubia – Written by L.L. McKinney and illustrated by Robyn Smith

Swamp Thing – Written by Maggie Stiefvater and illustrated by Morgan Beem

Teen Titans: Beast Boy – Written by Kami Garcia and illustrated by Gabriel Picolo

Victor & Nora: A Mr. Freeze Story – Written by Lauren Myracle and illustrated by Isaac Goodhart

Whistle – Written by E. Lockhart and illustrated by Manuel Preitano

Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed – Written by Laurie Halse Anderson and illustrated by Leila del Duca

You Brought Me the Ocean – Written by Alex Sanchez and illustrated by Julie Maroh

Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend – Written by Alys Arden and illustrated by Jacquelin De Leon


There’s also a slew of middle grade books coming, including the delightfully named Batman and Robin...and Howard. Here’s the full list:

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld – Written by Shannon and Dean Hale

Batman and Robin…and Howard – Written and illustrated by Jeffrey Brown

DC Super Hero Girls – Written by Amy Wolfram

Dear Super-Villains – Written by Michael Northrop and illustrated by Gustavo Duarte

Green Arrow: Stranded – Written by Brendan Deneen and illustrated by Caleb Hosalla

Indestructibles Book 1—Written by Ridley Pearson

Lois Lane – Written by Grace Ellis and illustrated by Brittney Williams

Metropolis Grove – Written and illustrated by Drew Brockington

Primer – Written by Thomas Krajewski and Jennifer Muro and illustrated by Gretel Lusky

Superman Smashes the Klan – Written by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by Gurihiru

Super Sons Book 3: Escape to Landis – Written by Ridley Pearson and illustrated by Ile Gonzalez

Teen Titans Go! to Camp – Written by Sholly Fisch

Teen Titans Go! Roll with It – Written by Heather Nuhfer and P.C. Morrissey

The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher: A Johnny Constantine Graphic Novel – Written by Ryan North and illustrated by Derek Charm


I find it especially delightful that there’s a Constantine graphic novel for kids. Wholesome. And it’s written by Ryan North!


These books don’t have firm release dates, but are all set for release sometime in 2020 and 2021.

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