DC Weaponizes John Williams' Superman Theme to Hype Its FanDome Event

Gif: Warner Bros.

How do you advertise a virtual convention that people can’t actually attend outside of clicking a link in their browsers? Well, for DC Entertainment, it apparently involves an oddly haunting deployment of classic John Williams music and some incredibly creepy CG people.


Warner’s comics adaptation skipped San Diego Comic-Con’s virtual event last month to focus on the upcoming “FanDome”, a 24-hour spectacle celebrating all things Detective Comics Comics. The event is expected to bring some major news from WB, including our next look at Wonder Woman 1984, and our first extended peek at Zack Snyder’s unprecedented overhaul of Justice League set to air on HBO Max next year (outside of that recent black suit tease he gave us at “Justice Con”).

It’s also set to cover all kinds of DC output, from its movies and original TV series like Harley Quinn and Doom Patrol, to the Arrowverse universe of shows, DC video games (hopefully that long-rumored Court of Owls game will get shown off!), and, of course, comic books. To celebrate, the publisher released a new trailer that’s an, uh, interesting way to tease a virtual convention.

We’re sure we’ll hear some exciting things out of it when all said and done but that doesn’t stop this trailer from being... weird as hell. We get it, at this point, we’re in those Uncertain Times everyone loves noting as the elephant in the room. Even then it’s so bizarre to see this teased, not with footage of these DC shows and movies we’re going to hear about, but a darkly lit, fake convention hall where shades of human beings are slowly milling about.

It’s a bleak reminder that in-person events feel so far off, and no amount of the triumphant Superman: The Movie soundtrack can help alleviate that fact. You can join the Shadow Beings milling around DC’s digital dome when DC FanDome kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific on Saturday, August 22.

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John Cooley

Listen, if you’re a consumer of geek media, you simply can’t be universally cynical about marketing hype- it’s half the fun. Frequently tiring and overbearing, yes, but genuinely memorable when done well & with a semblance of heart.

This feels like it’s more in the second camp. Whatever team of folks thought up and executed this clearly understood what we actually miss about Conventions- the sense of a communal, sacred condensed space where people from all about come to worship at the altar of *Insert Nerd IP*, mixed with a heavy dose of transcendent stadium ooh-rah.

Simply uploading some Q&A sessions with various content creators doesn’t have the same appeal- you need that intangible, artful execution. You need good marketing & events folks. Sure, it’s the capitalist machine at work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it.

I’m not even a DC guy but I’m all for this.