Deodorizing Toilet Seats Are the New Air Fresheners

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Kudos to Kohler for tackling one of the most unpleasant aspects of being a living organism, and making it slightly less awful. The company's already released hands-free toilet flushing kits and a seat with a nightlight, and it's now tackling bathroom odors with a deodorizing seat that helps mask your discretions for whoever's next in line to go.


The Purefresh seat uses both the words 'pure' and 'fresh' to drive home the fact that it will neutralize bad smells using a built-in fan that draws odors through a replaceable carbon filter. And if that's not enough, it also packs scent cartridges designed to help mask any smells that the filters simply can't deal with.

Powered by a pair of D-sized batteries that will keep the seat running for up to six months, the Purefresh also includes an LED nightlight so you don't need to turn on the blinding lights during an early morning bathroom trip. There's no pricing details just yet, but you'll want to keep in mind that the carbon filters needs to be replaced every six months, while the scent packs only last about 30 days. But if it means you can stop buying those awful cans of air freshener, it might be worth the investment. [Kohler]

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ah yes. Let's light up the toilet when all you need is a wall outlet and 2.99