Outside of cartoonish decals there hasn't been much innovation in the toilet seat industry for a few decades. So it's nice to see Kohler finally bringing something new to the table (err, toilet). A built-in LED nightlight means you'll never have to squint your way through an overnight bathroom break again.

Available on Kohler's Cachet Q3 and Reveal Q3 toilet seats, the soft blue nightlight is powered by a pair of LEDs that should provide enough illumination to get through most bathroom tasks without having to turn on the blinding lights.


Powered by four AAs, the nightlight automatically runs for seven hours straight every night, starting from whenever you program it to—and it won't need a new set for about six months. Just make sure you're proactive about changing batteries ; the stakes are way higher when you're facing a dark and messy night than it is when your mouse stops working. [Kohler via The Gadgeteer]