Design and Make Your Own OpenMoko Phone

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OpenMoko is taking its open philosophy a step beyond its Linux soul and has released the CAD (computer-aided design) files for the Neo1973, allowing you to design and create your own body for the phone. The catch for selfish bastards is that it's under a ShareAlike Creative Commons license, so you've gotta make w/ the show and tell if you whip up a pocket-size Second Coming. [OpenMoko]


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As an Industrial Designer I felt a little envy of the Open Source community of programmers when I first discovered the Neo 1973. I had just found a new attitude as well as a device that promised to cure all the problems of current handheld communications/computing devices; yet the only way I could be part of this new "ubiquitous computing" frontier would be as an early adopter or beta tester.

Since the CAD files for the first model have become available I now feel I can contribute to the Open Community myself and have as much fun as the programmers have had with the OS and applications, but with the device (I resist to call it just a phone) shape itself!

My first contribution to OpenMoko's initiative is also possibly what most users would buy right after the phone itself; a flexible skin that fits snugly the Neo's outer surfaces and provides a rugged feeling to either the Neo 1973 or the upcoming Freerunner (they share the same outer geometry).

I have added a new section to my website where you can view all my future concepts and accessories for any OpenMoko powered device as well as download any 3D CAD files and graphics I used to create the projects themselves under the Creative Commons license. Anyone is welcome to download actual CNC machinable Class "A" surfaces for the NeoSkin project as well as any other accessory or case design I come up for the Neos.

Best Regards,

Guillermo Sureda-Burgos |