If dinosaurs had held your veggies when you were a kid, would you have ever passed them off to the dog? Probably not, because these dino corn cob holders are awesome.

So maybe you're old and have things like your health to worry about now, but that doesn't mean you can't still appreciate these kitschy kitchen accessories, designed by Lana Filippone. They're just plain fun. And they come in two sets. One pair is the almighty T-Rex that holds corn in between its menacing teeth, while the other is a Triceratops, but it's just the head and the tail—the corn goes in between. Pricing hasn't been announced but if you're interested in the sets, you can email info@imm-living.com to reserve yours, and soon the kid in you will never argue away his or her veggies—or at least his or her corn—ever again. [Imm-Living via TheAwesomer via HiConsumption]


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