DNA-Analyzer 23andMe Having $0 Sale Today Only

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From $199 to $0—23andMe's DNA-analyzing service has been a subject on Gizmodo before, so if you were wondering what your chances of cancer, Alzheimer's or other illnesses are but were put off by the price, today's the day to act.

As is usually the way with these things, they do require you to sign up to a one-year Personal Genome Service subscription for $9 a month, but that's a small price to pay compared to the original cost. The offer is valid until midnight PST today only. Act quickly, and they'll throw in a set of steak knives if the outlook isn't good! (Not really.) [23andMe via @iRowan]

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I'm sort of torn on this whole thing.

While it would be helpful to know to what I am predisposed so I can change my lifestyle accordingly and live the longest life possible, I'm most likely not going to actually put in the work to change my lifestyle. Instead this knowledge would end up a pall hanging over me until I die, like a smoker who can't quit.