Do-It-Yourself Water-Cooled Xbox 360 Kit

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Lots of news regarding Xbox 360 water cooling recently. Now Koolance, a major player in the world of PC liquid cooling, has come out with a do-it-yourself Xbox 360 water cooling kit. Available in silver and black, the kit includes all the things you need to water-cool the Xbox 360, including the company's Exos-LT cooling system.

Interestingly, Koolance doesn't provide instructions on how to disassemble the Xbox 360 so as not to upset Microsoft, but instead provides some rather cryptic pictures on its Web site. In essence, figure it out yourself, Johnny. The company also warns that installing their cooling kit voids your warranty, is extraordinarily difficult to do and makes an angel loose its wings.


Koolance's Xbox 360 Water Cooling kit is available now and costs $394.99. Don't tell Microsoft that you're trying to clean up their mistakes; it makes them sad.


Product Page [Koolance via Xbox-Scene]