Do We Already Know Who's Stepping Up to Fill Star Wars' Writing Gap?

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The producers of Arrow talk about their plans for more shows in that universe, and we get a sense for what Supergirl will be like as a show. Duncan Jones talks about the crazy special effects in Warcraft. Watch new teasers for Kingsmen: The Secret Service and The Walking Dead. Spoilers now!


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Star Wars

Now that Gary Whitta is no longer writing the Star Wars standalone movie, the question of who will take his place on Gareth Edwards' project remains. /Film says that they believe, but can't get confirmation, that Simon Kinberg will be taking over. Kinberg's a consultant on The Force Awakens and a writer/producer on Star Wars Rebels. He was also supposed to be writing one of the other standalone films, so it makes complete sense that they've moved him up to cover the departure of Whitta. [/Film]


Duncan Jones gave his first interview about the project to the Chinese site Mtime, and Man Made Movies has a translation. He first gave an update on the film:

We are coming to the very end of 2014, and the film has been shot and we are finishing the editing. There are so many complicated special effects in the movie, that it will take a while longer before the film will be complete.

The special effects will be very impressive though. They are being done by ILM, who are best known for their work on the Star Wars movies.

Heading up the work are visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhoffer, who won an oscar for his work with Ang Lee on Life of Pi, and Jeff White at ILM, who made the Hulk such an excellent and believable character in the Avengers movie.

While this work is going on, music composer Ramin Djawadi continues to build up a magnificent score for the film. As we complete our edit, Ramin's music is being tailored to the cut. I am very excited. Day by day our film gets closer to being finished!

Warcraft is scheduled to be released in March of 2016, so we have 14 months to make the film as good as we can! I very much hope you will enjoy it.

As for the plot:

From the moment I first talked to Blizzard, the plan was to start our film with the first time Orcs met Humans. First contact! I think that for a world with so much newness to explain, this was a wise choice, especially when so many people in our audience may not know anything about Warcraft… it was important that some of our characters would be seeing the world fresh as well, and that the audience could see the situation through their eyes.


More at the link. [ Man Made Movies]

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Here's a new TV spot. [ Coming Soon]


Marc Guggemheim says that the talks of a third DC show on the CW are at the level of "most preliminary ways about doing something with Brandon beyond Arrow." Of what Routh brings to Arrow, Guggenheim adds:

When we met with Brandon, the whole point of Ray Palmer for us — not the whole point but a big piece of Ray Palmer — was… Felicity's voice is of a different show and we always say that Emily's playing tennis against herself. [Laughs.] So we wanted to create a character that could vibrate at her frequency. And Ray really brings that and brings that energy and he's so much fun to write. He's a joy to write. Brandon's so terrific and embodies the role so well that when we talk about how to further expand things, he's a natural person to talk about. It's like Brandon said on the panel, originally when we met with him we just wanted to bring a great character onto the show and we wanted a great actor to play him. That's really how it always starts. With the exception of Grant Gustin on Arrow last year, there's never been a [decision] to bring in a character with the intention to spin them off. It's always, "What services the show the best?"


[ Nerdist]

Guggenheim also gave details on the animated Vixen webseries:

It's a six-part origin story, but characters from "Flash" and "Arrow" are prominently involved. It's in the continuity and the world. There's actually a question I've been getting on Twitter a lot, "Is Oliver going to find out that Felicity kissed Barry?" That's actually going to happen in the "Vixen" cartoon. Part of the fun is that close cohesion.

And Vixen's such a great character. First of all, she represents magic, which is an area that we haven't explored on either of the two shows just yet. One thing we're always saying is, "'Flash' is very different from 'Arrow,' 'Arrow' is very different from 'Flash.'" If "Arrow" is crime and "The Flash" is science, "Vixen" has a big magic component.

... The other thing is, it's a strong African-American hero who's, like I said, a former Justice Leaguer. It's set in Detroit, as a nod towards those Justice League [Detroit] stories. It's done with the same love of the source material that we bring to everything.


He added that the cast from the TV shows were just learning about the animated show, but were very receptive to doing the voices for their characters. He also mentioned the chance of bringing Vixen to the shows:

We always say "never say never," and if the character resonates with people, that would be wonderful. I would love to be in a position where CW said to us, "Hey, we want a 'Vixen' live-action show." That'd be wonderful. We'll have to sort of see how things play out. But our goal really is to produce the highest-quality animated series. We want people to come to this who don't normally watch an animated show. We really want fans of "The Flash" and fans of "Arrow" to go to CW Seed. We really tried to approach it the same way we approach a pilot.


[ Comic Book Resources]

At the Television Critics Association panel, David Ramsey talked about why he thought John Diggle was an important character:

For me, it's important for employment. Aside from that, I think it is important. It's important for television, I think — to see this man as probably the second-in-command on Team Arrow, with a potential wife and child, well-adjusted to his time overseas as a soldier. I think that's an important story no matter what color it is, but particularly if he's African-American. And particularly in the DC world, in the comic book world. I'm proud of it. I'm proud also that he's part of the DC lore, he's now part of the DC canon. Fifteen years from now, this is an honorable soldier, an honorable person, in this DC Universe that can be played by someone else, that has an existence of his own. That started here. So is it important? You're damn right. It's very important, for a number of different reasons.


[ Comic Book Resources]

Andrew Kreisberg added that there's an upcoming episode with Felicity speaking up about everything she's been through with Oliver:

She speaks up! She definitely speaks up, but not quite in the way I think people are expecting. She has a lot of strong feelings. ... this season is really about them saying all the things they've never said ... Where that takes them is to some tough places, but also to some right places. The how and the why and the when and the where of that is the fun in the back half of the season.


Guggenheim adds that the scene with Felicity, which'll show up at the end of episode 12, is probably is my all-time favorite Emily Bett [Rickards] performance. She is so, so, so, so incredibly strong in that scene, it's ridiculous." [ TV Line]


At the TCAs, CBS' entertainment chair Nina Tassler said of the show:

There will be [crime] cases, but what [executive producers] Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti pitched was a real series arc for her. The beauty of it is now with shows like Good Wife and Madam Secretary, you can have serialized story elements woven into a case of the week. She's a crime solver, so she's going to have to solve a crime. She's going to get a bad guy.

... [She's] a very strong, independent young woman. She's coming into her own. She's dealing with family issues. She's dealing with work issues. It's a female empowerment story. If you look at the strong female characters we have on the air, it really is resonant of that … We're big feminists. It's her intellect, it's her skill, it's her smarts. It's all of those elements. It's not just her strength, which she does have.


She added the costume was "awesome" and was designed by Colleen Atwood. [ Entertainment Weekly]

Childhood's End

Syfy's miniseries has cast Colm Meaney and Charlotte Nicdao ( Please Like Me) as Wainwright and Rachel Osaka, respectively. Wainwright is described as "the powerful, confident owner of a major news organization." Osaka, meanwhile, is "a brilliant and energetic zoologist." [Deadline]



Star Rose McIver explained how her character's trauma is shown through how she looks:

We're playing that she's able to pass off as a human. Her family and friends still believe that she's a human, but she's unhealthy looking. The other day, I actually saw somebody walking around the streets who had a similar complexion. I did a double take. Although I may have just thought she was unhealthy before, now I am getting suspicious.

Liv loses all her pigment. I have white hair. I have very, very white skin. I have dark circles under my eyes. The more hungry I am, the longer it's been since I've eaten a brain, I get red contact lenses and veins. We work with an amazing makeup and hair department that have created a really strong look for when I go rabid zombie mode.


She also explained the dynamic between her Liv and David Anders' Blaine:

I only recently watched "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and I feel like my character is a cross between Buffy and Angel. She's this ethical zombie. She's the heroine, solving these crimes and fighting against injustice in her community. She's also a zombie who is trying to eat brains in the most socially responsible way. She eats brains of the people who have died in order to preserve something.

It serves us to have a bad zombie whose intentions aren't so ethical or socially responsible. We have cast the divine David Anders as Blaine. He is the peak of the bad zombie world. We get to see her and his interaction. That's a big part of the storyline for the first season.


[ Comic Book Resources]

At their presentation at the TCAs, executive producer Rob Thomas explained how very different the show will be from the comic:

We didn't hew terribly closely to the source material. n the iZombie comic book, there's a whole monster universe. There are were‑terriers and ghosts.

We wanted to stay strictly zombie, so we only have zombies in the show. And we really needed a story engine. We wanted to do a case‑of‑the‑week show. In the comic book, the main character is a gravedigger and that's how she gets her brains. By making her an assistant medical examiner and putting her in the morgue, it gave us our case of the week that we wanted.


[ K Site TV]

The Vampire Diaries

Julie Plec says that the show will have Damon and Elena "working their way back to each other" and striving for a "functional relationship." That's something that star Ian Somerhalder is glad to do:

"The three or four [or] five months that were skipped over, the honeymoon phase, you don't typically get to see Damon in a time and space where he's truly happy."

"It's great to see anyone happy at any time," he continued, adding that Damon and Elena are "extremely deserving" of some happiness. "They've been through a lot. Love trumps all. So when you see, you want it to win."


On the flip side, the Gemini merger will come with a lot of drama and death. [ TV Line]

12 Monkeys

Star Aaron Stanford says that he, for one, was not afraid to see the original film while making the TV version:

[I've] seen it several times since [it came out] … I was not afraid to let the movie influence what we were doing here. It's the source material, it's the inspiration, so, you know, I certainly want that to be part of my preparation for the role.


He does add that the very nature of the different media will change the story:

One of the great things about television is you do have time to tell a much larger story. You could tell a novel-size story as opposed to a short story so it will be different in that we have been given the opportunity to further explore a lot of the things that were touched upon in the original plot. We were able to go further into the characters' past histories and explore all sorts of new, interesting, different avenues.


[ Channel Guide Magazine]

The Walking Dead

Here's a new trailer, which promises a lot of danger.

Agent Carter

Below is a clip from the third episode, airing tonight:

Here's a look at the obligatory Stan Lee cameo from tonight's episode, which has "Lee plays a man who has a brief interaction with Stark (played by Dominic Cooper) that brings a moment of levity to the episode." [ TV Line]

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The Originals

Here's a clip from next Monday's "Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire":

The Flash

Go here for more photos from episode 10, "Revenge of the Rogues," which has this description:

Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller) returns to Central City with a new hotheaded partner in tow - Mick Rory AKA Heat Wave (guest star Dominic Purcell). The duo plan to steal a multi-million dollar painting, but Cold has another agenda while in town - to set a trap for The Flash. Snart and Mick kidnap someone close to The Flash and threaten to kill them unless The Flash shows up for a battle of fire and ice. Barry tells Joe (Jesse L. Martin) he isn't sure he should take on Snart again after the casualties that happened the last time they fought. Meanwhile, Barry asks Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to help him double his training efforts so he's ready for the Reverse Flash when he returns to Central City. Iris (Candice Patton) deals with the aftermath of Barry's confession, and Cisco makes the CCPD a new shield.


[ Buddy TV]

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Sleepy Hollow

Here's an extended description of January 26th's episode:

Episode 2.14 - "Kali Yuga" (26-Jan-2015)

Nick Hawley is surprised by the sudden return of the beautiful and mysterious Carmilla Pines, a woman from his distant past to whom he owes a debt... and she is ready to collect. Hawley breaks into Crane and Mills' Archive to procure a book needed to complete her task, and, following some research, Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny learn that Carmilla – in addition to being a treasure hunter and a killer – has also been transformed into a "Vetala"... a demon servant of "Kali", the Hindu goddess of death and regeneration. Even as our heroes work to figure out a way to rescue Nick and defeat Carmilla – who was Hawley's Godmother and legal guardian following his parents' death – Nick agrees to help in her task of breaking into the original Fort Knox, which is rumored to house a treasure trove of occult items, in the hopes of stealing an artifact capable of restoring her humanity. Meanwhile, at the Sleepy Hollow courthouse, Frank Irving is surprised and delighted to discover the murder charges against him have been dropped and he is free to go. But when the former police Captain returns home, he finds it difficult to readjust to any sort of normalcy, and he and his wife, Cynthia, seek out help to divine who the true owner of his soul is.


[ SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Diana Biller




Oh, Flash... no matter how goofy you get or how bad the writing is on some episodes, I will always love you for not being afraid of your comic book roots and giving us Captain Cold in a blue parka.