Doctor Who In A 1989 Notebook Ad, And 12 More Wacky Hungarian TV Spots

Do you love old television ads? Preferably from ex-socialist countries? Then this is the right stuff for you! YourTuber Hol van Ato has just uploaded more than one hundred funny, weird and grotesque Hungarian TV advertising spots from the 80s and 90s, and believe me: this collection is one of the most entertaining segments of the internet. Here are our 13 favorite pieces.


MT Laptop–portable computer (1989)

Wait is that man our Time Lord David Tennant at the beginning of this ad from 1989? Of course he is!


Four Kontrax ads–Olivetti typewriters (1990), Office technology (1990), Photocopiers (1992), and Telephones (1990)

Actually this mixer guy is pretty clever:

Samsung telephone systems (1990)

ReMind Software creating software (1992)

How did you sell your software in 1992? With underdressed dancing women of course!


SZÜV Software–Life is not a piece of cake (1992)

Eating beside your computer was a thing 23 years ago too!


Sharp photocopiers (1990)

Vénusz business software (1990)

The hidden message is: good office software makes your employees unnecessary. You can fire them all!


Christmas PSA from Budapest Electric Company

That serial killer looking guy is actually an electrician who is asking you to check your electric Christmas tree ornaments before you turn them on. Bonus: a nice control room.


Electronic alcohol tester (1990)

Stop motion LEGO ad (1992)

Not sure if this is Hungarian-made, but still very cool.


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Don’t be silly, we all know the only computer fit for a Time Lord is the Prime!