Doctor Who Saves Christmas (Again) in This Adorable Holiday Short

Santa can always count on the Doctor.
Santa can always count on the Doctor.
Image: Doctor Who (Twitter)

We may not be getting a Doctor Who Christmas special this year, but Jodie Whittaker and her festive friends aren’t leaving us empty handed.


Doctor Who’s Twitter account has shared a cute animated holiday short telling the story of how the Doctor (voiced by Whittaker) helped save Christmas once again this year. Narrated by Bradley Walsh (Graham), the Twas The Night Before Christmas-style tale is all about Santa getting stuck in a jam after his sleigh breaks down. Who can he possibly call to save the day? The Doctor, of course!

The Doctor offers her TARDIS to Santa—just for the night, mind you—so he can continue delivering presents all over the world. Let’s just hope he gets it back to her in one piece. We don’t want another Ghost Monument situation.

For the past several years, Doctor Who has created a modern tradition of hosting annual Christmas specials. However, this year things are a little different: The new series is having a New Year’s Day special, which will air on January 1, 2019 (the series returns with its next season sometime in early 2020). It might be a little different from the norm, but it did give us this amazing Doctor Who scarf. And really, what more can we ask for?

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Man, I wish the writing this season was as exciting as previous seasons. It feels like we had half stories, but no conflicts or any real plot. We had set ups but no payoffs.

Jodie Whitaker is great and deserves better writing.