Dogs Follow People Across Billboards In This Clever Adoption Campaign

The most effective tool an animal shelter has it when it comes to getting pets adopted is the animals themselves. So the Battersea Dogs & Cat Home, a shelter in the UK, created a brilliant ad campaign that had dogs following potential owners from billboard to billboard as they walked through a shopping mall.


The interactive advertisement was able to track the location of individual people as they moved thanks to a chip-enhanced flyer they were handed by volunteers, and sensors setup throughout the mall. Depending on where they were or what direction they were walking, specific clips were played on various displays to create the illusion the dog was trying to follow them home.

The campaign, created by ad agency OgilvyOne, is reminiscent of a similar one in the UK that had kids in advertisements pointing at actual planes flying overhead. But instead of selling vacations, the goal of this campaign is a little more altruistic. And it will probably be even more effective since puppies are always cuter than kids.

[Battersea Dogs & Cat Home via Adweek]


Please if you’re thinking about adopting, take a look at some of the older or broken pups*. Cute adorable puppies are almost certainly going to find a forever home, but the older dogs and those with physical and mental ailments** might never find a home unless someone is willing to take them in. Older and broken dogs have just as big a heart as every other pup out there.

*Same with cats.

**That is, if you have the capability to handle them. I understand it’s more difficult to raise a broken animal, and not everyone has the time*** to do so.

***I was fostering a cat with severe anxiety issues, and I simply did not have the time or patience to help him.