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Donald Trump's Bad Twitter Is Explained By His Bad Phone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Among a fascinating examination of Donald Trump’s Twitter strategy in the New York Times, we learn one important thing: the GOP candidate-in-waiting sends his mostly offensive 140-character missives from an undefined Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


The Times story has a bunch of different conclusions, from how Trump is using social media in place of traditional ads, to the number of Tweets sent by Trump whilst golfing. But nothing will probably be of as much interest to Samsung’s beleaguered PR department as his choice of phone. The article doesn’t specify a model, but some CSI-style enhancing on the Times’ photo of Trump, phone in hand, gives some clues:


There’s clearly a case on there, which makes identifying hard. Is that an S6? An S6 Edge? Given the size, I’m fairly certain he’s not wielding a Note (which I’m not sure would fit in his suit pocket anyway).

If you have insight into Trump’s particular choice of Galaxy handset, please feel free to email me at Otherwise, just be happy that there’s a Republican candidate who isn’t sucking up to Apple.

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