Don't Pretend You Wouldn't Want a Lego McNuggets Vending Machine at Your Desk

Despite their sketchy pink goop origins, those consistently-shaped McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are too addictive to ever give up. And you can lie to yourself all you want, but deep down you know you want this Lego McNuggets vending machine sitting in the corner of your office.

Powered by Lego Mindstorms, the vending machine can intelligently process coins, rejecting currency it doesn’t accept, before delivering a box of McNuggets complete with the requisite dipping sauce.

You have to restock it yourself, and its limited capacity means you’ll have to show some fast food restraint throughout the day. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself sitting on a 10am conference call without a snack to help pass the time. [YouTube via Foodbeast]

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I like the concept but if I have to manually reload it, that means I’m going out and buying the McNuggets which means I’m just going to eat them right away instead of putting them in this contraption so I can pay a quarter to eat it later.