Don't Sell Your Children To Earn Money For Video Games

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We've heard of parents neglecting their kids while engaged in a rousing game of Dungeons & Dragons. And that's awful. But this report from Sanxiang City News defies reason by suggesting parents are selling their children to fund their online gameplay.


The report claims a Chinese couple has sold all three of their children for about RMB 63,000 ($9700) to earn money for online gaming in Internet cafes. They were caught when a grandparent uncovered this money-making scheme and reported it to police.

Heartless and cold, the couple reportedly said this about their children, "We don't want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money." Stupid is as stupid does, they supposedly did not realize it was against the law. [ABC News Via Dvice]

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I'm going to call bullshit on this.

Given that it's anti-internet/anti-gaming and it comes out of China, it's entirely possible this entire story is just made-up garbage fed-to/created-by the state-run media. I mean, honestly, does this report strike anyone as plausible? If your cynical enough to think "yes", then reread the quote from the "parents".

Yes, parents sometimes sell their children. However, aside from situations of dire poverty, that's almost always single parents (not married couples) because the odds of not one but both parents being so utterly depraved is slim. Moreover, when it occurs in situations where poverty is less of a factor (such as when the parents spend a lot of time on the internet), it's almost ALWAYS due to drug addictions. While the Chinese government is super-keen to convince its citizens that the Internet is as dangerous/habit-forming as any chemical drug, I think most rational people would be highly skeptical of that sort of comparison.

The details in this story just stretch credulity too much to be believed and simultaneously happen to serve the propaganda needs of the totalitarian government that controls the media which reported it. Judge for yourself, but my 2 cents is that this is a hoax.