Doom Patrol's First Season 3 Teaser Is Your Brain on Drugs

This first look at the new season introduces the Brain, Monsieur Mallah, and a new form for Danny.

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The Brain appears with red glowing eyes in a promo for season three of Doom Patrol.
The Brain, vibing.
Screenshot: HBO Max

Doom Patrol’s second season left its world on the precipice of yet another calamity, as both Jane and Dorothy Spinner unwittingly freed different kinds of monsters who’ve been hungering to wreak havoc. If you’ve watched a significant amount of Doom Patrol, though, you know by now that apocalypses have kind of been the show’s thing from the jump, and bad as things might have seemed, the third season wasn’t exactly going to return with doom and gloom.

The first teaser for Doom Patrol’s third season doesn’t gloss over where season two left off, and in the first moments you can see glimpses of everyone breaking free of their wax casings in horror as Dorothy Spinner welcomes the Candlemaker into their dimension. When last we saw Jane, her Kay personality had come to the rather unsurprising realization that the Miranda personality was in fact their Daddy personality—the embodiment of the darkness and pain living within Jane—seeking to take control of her body. One of Jane’s alters, though it’s not clear which one, climbs her way out of the well within Jane’s underground, suggesting that the fight to destroy Daddy isn’t over, and given Doom Patrol’s track record, there’s a very solid chance all of these plot lines might be wrapped up quickly.

Elsewhere in the trailer, classic villains like Monsieur Mallah and the Brain both make brief appearances, as does an ambulance that’s more than likely the latest form that Danny (who was most recently a sentient brick) has taken. As all over the place as the teaser is, it’s very on-brand for Doom Patrol and points to the series gearing up for a return to madness that will take it in new directions.


The first three episodes of Doom Patrol’s third season hit HBO Max on September 23, with new episodes every Thursday after that until November 11.

Correction, 8/9/2021, 2:56 pm ET: This post has been edited to note that the gorilla briefly seen in the trailer is Monsieur Mallah, and not Gorilla Grodd.


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