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What's the one thing I learned from playing Dreamscape? Popping bubbles is incredibly satisfying, even when those bubbles are fake.

The pretty backgrounds give you a pleasant place to pop, and the bubble popping noise is just right (this, of course, is very important.)




From the app developers: jump into the #4 Arcade Game in the US, Top 10 Arcade Game in 19 countries! A Gizmodo Best App of the Week.
Enjoy the most strategic, challenging, addictive bubble popping game ever! Don't be fooled, DreamScape is not just another boring bubble popping game. If you like competition and challenging strategy, jump in! Congrats to high scorers so far (Yan at 212M!!!!). Go go go! **This game requires a bit of focus and learning, make sure you read the secret help tips to know how to score big!

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