Drone Pilot Discovers Crazy Dude Sunbathing Atop a Towering Wind Turbine

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You’d assume that climbing to the top of a 200-feet tall wind turbine would give you all the privacy you could ever want for a relaxing afternoon nap. But then you remember that soon there will be more drones zipping across the skies than birds—and that privacy might officially be a thing of the past.

This video was captured by Kevin Miller while on holiday in Rhode Island. He assumed he was just capturing some cool close-up footage of a towering wind turbine, but when his quadcopter reached the top, he was surprised to find someone actually sunbathing up there.

It took a few moments for the whir of the drone’s blades to stir the man, but he seemed to accept this invasion of privacy with good spirits, waving to the drone as it buzzed his once secret hideaway.


[The Mirror via Laughing Squid]