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There are obvious rules you must adhere to when in another country—and this drunk Brit just broke one of Japan's most well-known. Instead of shuffling along and ignoring campaigning political parties' megaphone announcements like everyone else, he grabbed the megaphone and shouted something drunken about how loud and irritating the megaphones are.


Arrested he may have been, but turns out his cheeky performance resonated with the Japanese, who used his message to speak up about how friggin' annoying they are. Messageboards and comment fields are brimming with supportive messages for the Brit, saying things along the line of "let's forgive him, they really are loud" and "Japanese elections don't make any sense. Instead of shouting their names from sound trucks, they should have American-style televised policy debates."

I doubt this one sozzled Brit, Edward Jones, managed to change Japanese politics overnight, but if he manages to dissuade at least one megaphone from starting up on the streets, then it looks like everyone's a winner. [Itai News via @Hikosaemon via JapanProbe]


Image Credit: Cosimovecchio

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